Happy New Year!

We are still waiting to hear from the DWP about the outcome of our Right to Bid proposal to pilot the Community Allowance in three locations in the UK. So frustrating! They did get in touch earlier this week with another list of questions for us. Let’s hope this is the last and that we get a positive answer soon and can get on with it. We know there are so many people out there for whom a Community Allowance would make such a positive difference and hundreds of community organisations with part time work opportunities they can’t fill because of the benefits trap.

There is no more time to lose… let’s allow communities a chance to build their own resilience and replace the revolving doors with ladders that reach all the way to the ground.

Over the next few weeks we are going to be publishing guest contributions to this blog from a range of different people, all with something to say about the Community Allowance. We’ll be hearing from from Lord Adebowale, Phillip Blond, Sir Trevor Chinn, Hilary Cottam, Julian Dobson, Will Hutton , Glenn Jenkins, Neil O’Brien, Dame Barbara Stocking and Julia Unwin CBE amongst others.

If you have something to say and would like to be a guest contributor to this blog, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.


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