Welfare Reform and The Big Society – could they work together?

I am really looking forward to the Conservative Party Conference next week. We are discussing the opportunities we see in the proposed Welfare Reform Bill to make a real difference to unemployed people and the communities they live in.

In my last post (see below) I highlighted the need to make sure that communities are at the heart of Welfare Reform and The Work Programme. In the fringe session we will be looking at how communities could develop “stepping stone jobs” that make a real and practical difference to local unemployed people and provide a real boost to the local community – making sure that the jobs that need doing in local communities get done.

If you are attending the conference I hope that you can join us…..

Wednesday 6th October, 12.30 start, at the ICC Media Suite B – “Struggling with the System: How should benefits combat poverty”


4 responses to “Welfare Reform and The Big Society – could they work together?

  1. Lovely! You bloody disturbed me. How can you in all honesty, beleive that,that the nasty/evil cuts, that, that! crowd of circling vultures have any compassionatae reasons for what they do. I live inhope to die at the feet of my oppressors with the knowledge of freedom for all. Still a mandate of BRAVEHEART you know.

  2. Hi Michael, I think we are all working in different ways to rise to the challenges ahead. At the Community Allowance, we have spent years fighting for the right for people on benefit to take up part-time or short-term jobs and not be worse off. Not quite a battle cry but “If people on benefits work for less then 16 hours a week they should not – as is currently the case- lose almost £1 for £1 everything they earn, putting themselves and their families homes and day to day existence at risk because the benefit system is so inflexible”. The Welfare Reform Bill finally contains proposals that could offer people who want to work for less then 16 hours and can find a job, the chance to keep the money they earn. We want people to be treated fairly and
    we know that one of the ways to make this happen is to get people talking and I’m hoping the Party Conference will give us that chance to focus on the reality for lots of people on benefit – it is the system that doesn’t work and it traps and oppresses people.

  3. As you well know I Totally beleieve and am fully behind you and all that you are tring to achieve, its just that I have no faith in the Con-Dem Gov at all especially as they have put all your hard work on the back burner. I fully support your Community allowance proposals and hope and pray that through dialogue with relevent Gov peoples you can achieve your goals for the sake of our Communities which are crieing out for some sensable projects/step-ups out of the long incrained depravity. Sorry about the outburst but they the Gov make my blood boil with there uncaring remarks and attitudes. I would love to attened the Fringe event at the Conference but alas another barrier a lack of Funds for Fares ETc. All My Best MIchael H

    • Hi Michael, Good to hear from you. Really glad to hear you are still a supporter – it does feel like it has taken us a really long time to get to this point – where new higher earning disregards might finally give us the ability to really develop the Community Allowance. I am just about to send it our response to the government’s welfare reform consultation. We have asked them to include a commitment to working with communites (and ideas like the community allowance) as part of welfare reform – hopefully I won’t need to ask you to join me in my very long Battle Cry to change the benefit system, but watch this space

      Best wishes Louise

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