Link to BBC News 24 Interview

My interview on about the government’s plans for compulsory unpaid manual work is now on You Tube. Please see it here and let us know what you think


4 responses to “Link to BBC News 24 Interview

  1. Well done Louise some very good points very well made.

  2. Some organisation, maybe the DTA should propose a legal challenge to this mad Con-Dem Policy proposal as it directly conflicts with Human Rights and Labour Laws. The Workhouse mentality will allways exsist within the arrogant riches phsicy.

  3. Hi Carol, Thank you for your comments – really appreciated.

    Hi Michael, did you see this really interesting article?

  4. I have now and have to thank you for pointing it out, Only get Wednesday and Saturday Guardian and do forget the website. a lot of valid discussion on subject. A re-hash of past failed ideas, the ones from the last Tory regime spring to mind YOP, MPS, slave labour that in effect took away work from the employed. Reminded of BRASS funny as the programme was the reality does not bear thinking about.

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