The CREATE Consortium is proposing that Government establish the Community Allowance in the UK benefits system to enable people to get out of the benefits trap and to enable communities to regenerate. All that is needed is a change to the benefits regulations.

We want community organisations to be able to pay people to do work that strengthens their neighbourhood without it affecting any of their benefits.

The CREATE Consortium aims to run pilots in each English region, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, to test this approach.

Back the campaign to pilot the Community Allowance


4 responses to “About

  1. The Community Allowance will:
    Encourage positive behaviour – people doing good in their communities – creating role models and turning problems into solutions
    Generate thousands of new jobs at a micro level in the poorest areas – laying the foundation for resilient communities
    Turn the welfare safety net into a springboard – helping people bounce back rather than sink down in the recession

  2. adrienne thornton

    Hi Glen,
    I grew up in Marsh Farm and now own a barber shop in Dunstable and would like to help train young people into a career, rather than in and out of work. Please respond to discuss this further.



    • Hi Adrienne

      Thanks for the message and sorry for the delayed reply. If you email me at marsfarmoutreach@gmail.com with a number I can call you to discuss the possibilities. I’m sure there are lots of young people here who would be more than keen to train into a career in hairdressing rather than more courses which often lead nowhere

      Thanks again Adrienne…look forward to hearing from you


  3. Hi Adrienne,

    If you send me a email address I can pass on the Glenn

    thanks Louise

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