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The call for Real Jobs and Real Wages just got louder

Really great to see the excellent report from Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion (CESI) on the Future Jobs Fund and the importance of developing ‘real’ jobs and ‘real’ wages. Many of their recommendations echo the ones we have been making about the need for the Community Allowance – so that communities can create real jobs, for real wages, for people who are currently trapped by the benefit system.

The report clearly demonstrates the overwhelmingly positive impact on individuals, communities and the taxpayer if this type of approach is taken. The Future Job Fund was introduced in 2009 as a way to create temporary paid jobs for young people that had a clear community benefit. The scheme ended in March 2011, as the Government felt it was too costly.

The report argues that while the scheme was costly, an approach which includes a temporary waged jobs have real advantages:

  • Paid jobs were highly valued by young people
  • They resulted in young people getting jobs once the scheme had finished (nearly 50%)
  • They boosted sustainable employment
  • They made a real difference to the young people who needed the help the most
  • They worked in areas with few jobs and low numbers of vacancies
  • They worked for communities
  • They worked for employees in the voluntary and private sector

CESI are calling on the Government to ensure that ‘real’ jobs with ‘real’ wages are made a key part of any approach with young people. We know that real jobs, for real wages should be a key part of all approaches to make sure that unemployed people can make real improvements to their own lives and their families.Community Allowance allows us to deal with the biggest barrier – the benefit system, and ensures thatcommunities and the tax payer also benefit.

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