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Responsibility, freedom and fairness?

The Emergency Budget reinforces the importance of ensuring that the voices of the people and communities affected by changes to the benefits system and communities solutions to the “tough choices” ahead, are heard.

We welcome the Chancellor’s commitment to make work pay – we have long campaigned on the the impact of the benefit trap. We are also looking forward to further proposals in the autumn to ensure that the benefit system becomes a “tool to support work”, rather then trapping people, while also supporting the most vulnerable.

The emergency budget provides more information on the challenges ahead with large cuts in the Welfare Budget, the speeding up of reassessment of Incapacity Benefit claimants and changes focusing on lone parents. Currently lone parents  get income support until their youngest child reaches 10. Once their child is 10 they have to start looking for employment in order to claim jobseekers’ allowance. Lone parents will now be expected to look for work once their youngest child goes to school.The government estimate that up to 15,000 lone parents could move into employment with these changes. Many will have been out of the labour market for a long time and will need support, advice, training and real work experience to successfully enter the world of work. If the context of  responsibility and fairness, we need a clear message from the government about how it will ensure that the right level of support will be provided for all these new jobseekers, especially as many organisations including Joseph Rowntree Foundation have raised serious concerns about the impact of the budget on people in poverty.

The coming weeks and months will be critical in ensuring that the development of The Work Programme and the wider welfare reform debate, includes community solutions at the heart of the government’s approach. We know communities can develop their own tools – including stepping stones to employment – if given the opportunity. Now we just need to make sure that when the government talks about responsibility, freedom and fairness that community organisations are able to share their experiences. If you would like to find out more or to add your support please visit our website.